Our Vision

Dudley CVS’s vision is for a borough that has caring, vibrant and strong communities where everyone can fulfil their potential.

We try to achieve this through our mission: connecting and inspiring people and organisations to achieve positive change, while championing their value to partners and the wider community.

In this snapshot of our year, you can learn more about how we’re connecting, inspiring and championing the people, communities and organisations that want to make wonderful things happen in Dudley borough. 

Who we work with


The voluntary and community sector that we have supported for the last 40 years

Volunteers and active citizens

People who want to roll up their sleeves and get active in their communities


People who access health and care services and those who would like a bit more support to help them link with services and possible get more active in their communities


Businesses that want to contribute to the good of our communities


Partners that want to involve people meaningfully in designing great services and initiatives that work for everyone


We’ll also work with people outside of Dudley borough who can bring inspiring and innovative ideas from all around the world that we can develop right here in the borough

People we connected with last year

Our work with groups, volunteers and active citizens

We support all sizes and types of voluntary and community groups, charities and social enterprises, however formal or informal, as long as they benefit the people of Dudley borough.

Every day we come into contact with people that want to roll up their sleeves and get active in their communities. They may be people that come to us through our Volunteer Centre, which will signpost would-be volunteers to volunteering opportunities; they may be members of some of the groups we support, or they may be people who are curious about doing things in their communities.

315 were from voluntary and community groups, charities and social enterprises
192 groups were supported
25 were awarded investment totalling £240,997
More than 394 contacts with groups
320 wanted to volunteer
277 made 86 activities happen in Coseley and across the borough through CoLab Dudley and DoFest
At least 1,721 people took part in these activities, building networks, relationships and the desire to do more together

Supporting groups and organisations to champion their volunteers

The Midlands Air Ambulance was supported to apply for Investing in Volunteers (IiV) accreditation to enhance their volunteers’ experience, whilst strengthening reputation and encouraging more …read more

Supporting groups to engage people in practical activities

Riverside House was supported by our small groups officer to make connections, fundraise, link with volunteers, and form a CIC to help young unemployed people …read more

Building confidence and reducing isolation of parent carers

We supported and inspired parent carers to access a small pot of funding to kickstart Action Art, an art group offering time out from caring …read more

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Our work with people

Not everyone feels that they are in a position to get more involved in their community without some support and encouragement. People can often have barriers, especially if their own physical and mental health or their day-to-day responsibilities present challenges to participation for them.

We worked with 6,056 who wanted assistance to improve their health and wellbeing
57 people with respiratory conditions participated in a new project called Airtime, linking them with their peers to improve how they cope with their conditions
634 people who provide unpaid care got the support they needed to care for their loved ones, access services and get some time for themselves
725 people who are most at risk of hospital admission were connected to support and opportunities to improve their quality of life

Supporting people to identify options for care

Dudley CVS’s Carer Coordinator worked with a carer who was experiencing considerable stress relating to her own physical and mental health needs, and also those …read more

Linking volunteers to the right opportunities

Our work with Dudley Canal and Tunnel Trust has helped them to reach more volunteers increasing from 2 or 3 to around 60 volunteers. Ben’s …read more

Supporting people to maintain their independance

Integrated Plus supports people aged 16 and over who frequently visit their GP and who are at high risk of hospital admission. The aim of …read more

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Our Ingredients

The story of our year is as much yours as it is ours! Here are the ingredients we all bring to create caring, vibrant and strong communities:

  • Our people and skills
  • A strong voluntary, community and social enterprise sector
  • People willing to share, learn and do
  • Places where great things can happen
  • Partners who are willing to engage, listen and learn
Be a part of our collective story and share how you’ve been involved in our work or how you’d like to get more involved! #dcvsstory




Our Mission

We try to achieve our vision through our mission: connecting and inspiring people and organisations to achieve positive change, while championing their value to partners and the wider community.

How have we made connections that mean something to you?

“Care and Share are helping us let people know we are there, we are now able to let everyone know what we are offering without just relying on social media. We wouldn’t have the funds to get a website built for us so this is amazing”

Emily Jane, group founder and senior leader

“The engagement work that Healthwatch Dudley has done to help us deliver Dudley Safeguarding Children Board Neglect Strategy has given us invaluable insight into what it means for children and young people to thrive. This will
inform the work we are doing across the health and wellbeing system to prevent neglect, identify it sooner and to support children and young people who have experienced it. It was a privilege to meet inspiring young volunteers and hear how they planned to engage with other young people to understand more about what it feels like to thrive.”


Deborah Harkins, Chief Officer Health and Wellbeing (Director of Public Health)

“We enjoy working with Healthwatch Dudley to help provide another way for patients, their families and carers to provide us with feedback. We are particularly proud of the joint work we have undertaken with the Dudley Deaf Focus Group to help make improvements for people with a hearing impairment including the introduction of pagers so people know when it is their appointment time and cards for deaf people to carry enabling staff to understand the person’s needs.”

Diane Wake, Chief Executive, The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust

“The funding officer supported TCT throughout the whole process of completing both stages of the Children in Need Main Grants application. He provided excellent advice and guidance throughout this time. Without his support we would not have been successful.”

Karen Fielder, Top Church Training

“People only knew about us before because a friend told them about us, we didn’t really promote ourselves because we didn’t know that what we were doing was making such an impact on families, now we get disabled kids in all the time, its brilliant”.

Ben Searley, Labichi’s Hair, Stourbridge

“My elderly next door neighbour was very isolated having recently lost her husband and having no family. I brought her along to the lunch at the Apple Tree arranged by East Coseley Big Local. She had a wonderful time and got speaking to some ladies there and now attends coffee mornings with them, it has made such a difference to her life she is more outgoing and has the confidence to go along on her own to the meetings. She is no longer feeling isolated.”

Karen, East Coseley Big Local volunteer

“In terms of Mom and I, we are better placed to consider, identify and access options for care. (Dudley CVS’s) Support has been immense and just what we needed as a family.”

Developing places where connections can happen

Brierley Hill Civic

DY1 Venue

Find out more about how we have been connecting people and groups to opportunities

How have we inspired you?

“I enjoyed talking to lots of different people about different subjects that affected young people. I also enjoyed sitting in on some meetings about things that had to do with the young people in Dudley.”

Lucy Price, young participant in the Takeover Challenge

“When I think about how much I’ve grown as a person, a lot of that is down to what I’ve been involved in at Gather, without that I wouldn’t be the person I am or heading in the direction I am in life.”

Siobhan, Trade School teacher

“Dudley CVS gave me guidance on how to run a not-for-profit business, set up a Constitution, and pointed me in the direction of The Big Lottery to apply for funding”

Jan, Feelgood Choir

‘This experience has reinforced our service priorities in regards to person centred planning for individual case work. It will also encourage us to consult young people

regarding areas of whole service development in the future.’

‘Takeover Challenge’ organisation

Bringing People together to co-design a celebratory event

The CoLab Dudley team was approached on twitter at the end of January 2018 about whether it would be possible to celebrate International Women’s Day …read more

Working together to encourage youth participation through The Takeover Challenge.

The Takeover Challenge see’s organisations across England opening their doors to children and young people to take over adult job roles and promote and encourage …read more

Building confidence and reducing isolation of parent carers

We supported and inspired parent carers to access a small pot of funding to kickstart Action Art, an art group offering time out from caring …read more

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How have we championed people, groups and great ways of working?

“I have attended various People’s Network events hosted by Healthwatch Dudley during my time
as Cabinet Member for Health & Wellbeing and I have always found them interesting and full of
useful information. Meeting and listening to people who attend really brings home some of the
difficulties and challenges that some local people experience.”

Cllr. Peter Miller, Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing

“Healthwatch Dudley has championed the voice of Dudley residents in the work of both our Adult and Children Safeguarding Boards during 2017/18. They led important pieces of work which have helped the Adult Safeguarding Board have a real insight into the world of adults who are financially abused. They have also challenged us about the need for an adult safeguarding referral process that is easy for the public to use.”

Liz Murphy, Independent Chair for Dudley Safeguarding Adults and Dudley Safeguarding Children Boards

“As a Young Health Champion I wanted to do something that would not only help me but would also benefit other young people.”

Becky, Young Health Champion

Find out more about how we have championed people, groups and the great things they have to offer

Becky was supported by Healthwatch Dudley to create a resource pack and film to help other young people to explore their emotions and feelings through her artwork. These resources will be used in a wide range of health, educational and community settings to support other young people with their emotional health.

Starting a conversation about child neglect in Dudley

1 in 10 children experience neglect according to the NSPCC, but what does this mean for Dudley borough families? In November, Healthwatch Dudley brought local …read more

Developing an information website for parents and carers of children with Specialist Education Needs and/or Disability (SEND)

June 2017 we developed a peer information website for parents and carers of children with SEND (Specialist Education Needs and/or Disability) in Dudley borough, about …read more

Championing the voices of children and young people

Dudley Young Health Champions supports 11-25 year olds to develop their own projects with a health focus based on issues that matter to them. The project …read more

Read more

Be a part of our collective story and share how you’ve been involved in our work or how you’d like to get more involved! #dcvsstory