Dudley Borough Vision 2030

We are excited to be part of creating and developing a new place-based vision for Dudley Borough Vision 2030! 

Since October 2017, conversations started with local organisations, groups and businesses around the borough to create a shared vision for Dudley borough. This has included the community and voluntary sector, local businesses, the borough’s Health and Wellbeing Board and Children’s Alliance, and the Dudley Leaders Group.


We would like you to be part of this conversation and we would like to hear your views on the emerging community-owned vision.

The vision so far…

In 2030 we would like the Dudley Borough to be…

A place of healthy, confident and resilient communities with high aspirations and the ability to shape their own future.
An affordable and attractive place to live, learn and work with a green network of high quality parks, waterways and nature reserves that are valued by local people, businesses and visitors.
A place where everybody has the education and skills they need, and where outstanding local schools, colleges and businesses secure consistently excellent results for their learners.
Renowned as home to a host of innovative and prosperous businesses, operating in high quality locations with space to grow, sustainable energy supplies and investing in their workforce.
A unique visitor destination that drives opportunity, contributing to its ambitious future while celebrating its pioneering past.
Better connected with high quality and affordable transport, combining road, tram, rail, and new cycling and walking infrastructure.
Full of vibrant local centres offering a new mix of leisure, faith cultural, educational, residential and shopping uses.
Where we are now

Engagement with the wider community has begun and we are keen to hear your views. We are using a mixture of events which you can attend, a survey you can complete and a series of conversations in order to gather your thoughts on the 7 themes currently drafted.

Tell us what you think…

The Dudley Borough Vision 2030 will help residents, businesses and visitors to shape the future of the borough for the people of Dudley. The purpose of this survey is to allow as many people to contribute their views towards the vision of Dudley Borough 2030. This will allow us to take the next stage of the vision forward, to see what parts everyone agrees on, and to make any big changes.

Complete the survey here: www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/dudleyboroughvision2030

Please look out for events that are being run across the borough in the next few months!