Group journey

How we interact with voluntary and community groups, charities and social enterprises

We support all sizes and types of voluntary and community groups, charities and social enterprises, however formal or informal, as long as they benefit the people of Dudley borough.

An example group journey

A group of people are interested in starting a project to help a particular community. They contact Dudley CVS for some support and we have an initial meeting where ideas, hopes and ambitions are shared. We give the group information about what being a not-for-profit means and over the next few weeks, do some planning together and consider the routes the group could take, whether that be running informally without much paperwork, setting up a simple voluntary group, becoming a charity or becoming a social enterprise.

We help the group to link with other groups, partners or people that might already work within a similar area to help the group understand the local environment and work with others. We also make sure the group is part of networks such as the Children, Young People and Families Network if appropriate.

Over the next few weeks, Dudley CVS development officers support the team to clarify their goals, write a plan and develop their paperwork. We give training to the group members about the roles and responsibilities of committee members or trustees.

The group needs volunteers to help run its activities. Our development officers link the group with our Volunteer Centre for specific support on recruiting and retaining volunteers. The Volunteer Centre signpost people interested in volunteering to the group as appropriate.

The group needs to raise money to pay for its activities. Dudley CVS team members give training on budgeting and financial management, providing tools for looking after money. We also help group members to think about how they might make use of resources they already have, whether by working with others, borrowing equipment, keeping costs down, fundraising ideas and applying for funding.

As the group starts its activities, members want to start raising its profile and sharing its work. Members come along to social media surgeries that we support and promote, getting informal, friendly help with having a social media presence. The group can come to as many as they wish. We also help the group with writing about it activities for the press, its website or articles at our monthly writing drop in and we help to promote its great work in our own newsletters and blogs.

The group is part of our voluntary and community sector that works so hard to support people in Dudley borough. We make sure that it is able to get heard by partners, funders and decision-makers by bringing all of these together to work on shared goals. We also link people to the group that might benefit from its activities.

Members of the group are passionate and curious people. We make sure they have lots of opportunities to get involved in other areas of our work, such as sharing skills, resources and talents through CoLab, linking them with new people, experiences and opportunities.

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