How we work with people who access health and care services and those who would like a bit more support to help them link with services and possible get more active in their communities

Not everyone feels that they are in a position to get more involved in their community without some support and encouragement. People can often have barriers, especially if their own physical and mental health or their day-to-day responsibilities present challenges to participation for them.

Dudley CVS currently works with:

  • Individuals most at risk of hospital admission – through our Integrated Plus project
  • People who provide unpaid care – through our Carers project
  • People with respiratory conditions – through our Airtime project
  • People who have experiences of health and care services – through Healthwatch Dudley which is hosted by Dudley CVS

An example person supported by Integrated Plus

An individual is referred to us for support by a GP or clinician. Our Integrated Plus worker for the appropriate geographical area arranges an initial visit to the individual in order to get to know more about them.

At the first visit, our team member learns about the individual and any challenges they have, whether they are health and wellbeing related, financial and emotional. Our team member also builds an understanding of how resilient the person may be at the moment, what support they are currently receiving and what their aspirations may be.

With this information, our team member will support the individual to overcome their most immediate barriers, including helping them to access any support that is appropriate for them, such as housing help, debt support, services run by our partners or the voluntary sector groups that Dudley CVS knows, or any benefits they might be entitled to.

We then help to link the individual into community activities based upon their aspirations. These may be peer support groups to help the individual manage their condition better, or practical activities that get them out of the house and prevent them from being isolated.

When the individual gets more involved in support and community activities, their confidence starts to improve. We connect the person with others in similar situations to encourage mutual and ongoing peer support. We help the person into volunteering or into opportunities for creating community activities now that they feel in a position to share their skills and talents.

Here is an example of how we have worked with individuals through Integrated Plus.

Supporting people to overcome barriers