Supporting people to identify options for care

Dudley CVS’s Carer Coordinator worked with a carer who was experiencing considerable stress relating to her own physical and mental health needs, and also those of her mother for whom she is the main carer. The mother had recently had a couple of hospital admissions, and the carer was preparing for surgery herself and felt overwhelmed by her situation.

Our Carer Coordinator gave the carer an opportunity to complete a carers first contact assessment and talk to someone about her situation. They discussed a number of different issues relating to her forthcoming surgery and her concerns for having a plan in place.

The carer’s assessment identified that the carer needed further time to look after her own health and wellbeing and to plan for her surgery. Our carer coordinator contacted the carers network to organise a sitting service for her mother for 6 weeks to enable her to do this. The carer was also referred to Integrated Plus to find out more about social activities and further community contacts.

It was recommended that when her mother was discharged from hospital that they request a package of care to prepare her for being supported by other people so that her daughter didn’t have sole responsibility and that when she goes into respite (temporary) care, she would be less anxious.  

After working with the carer coordinator, the carer became much more prepared for her own surgery in the knowledge that her mum will have other contacts to support her.

“The Carer coordinator was very empathetic and provided clear, supportive and effective advice. In terms of Mom and I, we are better placed to consider, identify and access options for care. It would be difficult to imagine a better service. Sharon’s help has been immense and just what we needed as a family.”

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