Volunteers and active citizens

Our work with volunteers and active citizens

Every day we come into contact with people that want to roll up their sleeves and get active in their communities. They may be people that come to us through our Volunteer Centre, which will signpost would-be volunteers to volunteering opportunities; they may be members of some of the groups we support, or they may be people who are curious about doing things in their communities.

An example volunteer and active citizen

An individual is interested in volunteering so they have an informal chat with our Volunteer Centre Development Officer, who learns about their interests, skills and experiences, and signposts them to a number of appropriate volunteering opportunities that groups have registered with us.

The would-be volunteer finds out more about these opportunities and learns a little about each role. They can then make contact with the group looking for a volunteer and get to know each other. The volunteer and group decide that they’re a good fit and the volunteer starts volunteering, hopefully having a great experience!

Alternatively, an individual might have infrequent spare time to give, or they may not want to become a fully fledged volunteer. There are still lots of opportunities for them to participate in open community projects, especially through CoLab Dudley.

This individual would be linked to people with similar interests and exposed to ideas from around the world of inspiring community projects that could be replicated where they live. They would get to share their own skills and talents while learning others from their peers in an environment that enables everyone to take part as little or as much as they wish. There is no minimum or maximum commitment and everyone shares whatever they can to make new projects happen.

They would get to co-create community activities, test them out with people, learn from them and develop them with others. In the event of them wanting to set up formally, such as creating a social enterprise, a charity or community group, we would be on hand to support them. We can also signpost to business support if appropriate.

Here are some examples of how we worked with volunteers and active citizens:

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