Working together to bring in hard-to-access funding

We were approached by the charity manager at Top Church Training (TCT) to discuss a potential new project for young people, having identified a gap in services throughout the Dudley borough.

TCT were concerned about how young people developed relationships and their ability to integrate with peers and others in society. After talking with young people, TCT found that they wanted to set up a Young Boys and a Young Girls group to help them with these issues. TCT asked our Funding Officer for support to obtain funding so that these activities could take place on a regular basis.

After discussing the project in some depth with our Funding Officer it was decided that TCT would make an application to BBC Children in Need for a Main Grant. This application would be for funding to take forward work with these groups over a 3 year period providing young people with a range of skills including being able to work in the TCT fully functioning café where they would gain essential and valuable employment skills as well as being able to mix with others improving their social skills.

Our Funding Officer provided initial advice on completion of the on-line application form and then constructive feedback to ensure the final submission was not only a good application but was also appropriate and relevant to the funder.

BBC Children in Need agreed that the project was deserving of support and provided a grant of £85,890 so that TCT could run this essential, rewarding and important project for the next 3 years.

The work is now generating some excellent outcomes for the young people and TCT is confident this will continue.

“The funding officer supported TCT throughout the whole process of completing both stages of the Children in Need Main Grants application. He provided excellent advice and guidance throughout this time. Without his support we would not have been successful.”

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