Working together to provide a safe space where local people can get to know each other over a hot meal

A great partnership between East Coseley Big Local, Integrated Plus, Just Straight Talk, local residential homes, Marston’s Brewery and the staff at the Apple Tree Inn, enables 4 Lunch and Chat events to take place throughout the year for local people and families of all ages who often feel a little lonely and isolated in the community. These events provide a safe space where local people can get to know each other over a hot meal.

We worked with services that work directly with isolated people on a day-to-day basis including Integrated Plus, Just Straight Talk and residential home Jack Newell Court, to reach people who may be feeling lonely in the community that would benefit from social interaction and a place to go to meet new people. It’s through working in partnership with these services that we have been able to identify isolated people in the community.

At 2017’s Christmas lunch, we were joined by 55 members of the community, ages ranging from 22 all the way up to 101. Volunteers, support workers, people and families from the community all enjoyed and shared a three-course Christmas meal together, with entertainment and a small gift.

Jack Newell Court in Coseley is a council owned building for residents over 55, single or couples. “Residents at Jack Newell are surrounded by other people, but once the door closes they are on their own. We found that food and drink is one of the best ways to bring people together. Many people have now developed friendships and often meet for a coffee in between the meals.” East Coseley Big Local Changemaker

Karen Grigg, resident and East Coseley Big Local core group member said:

“My elderly next door neighbour was very isolated having recently lost her husband and having no family. I brought her along to the lunch at the Apple Tree arranged by East Coseley Big Local.  She had a wonderful time and got speaking to some ladies there and now attends coffee mornings with them, it has made such a difference to her life she is more outgoing and has the confidence to go along on her own to the meetings. She is no longer feeling isolated.”

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