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Information, advice and resources for community groups, organisations and the general public on COVID-19.

Dudley CVS’s vision is for a borough that has caring, vibrant and strong communities where everyone can fulfil their potential.

In this snapshot of our year, you can learn more about how we’re connecting, inspiring and championing the people, communities and organisations that want to make wonderful things happen in Dudley borough. 








Dudley CVS works with anyone within Dudley borough to help realise our vision. We work with people, volunteers, groups, partners and organisations, businesses, doers, makers and creatives.


Doers, makers and creatives

Organisations, partners and businesses



We support all sizes and types of voluntary and community groups, charities and social enterprises, however formal or informal, as long as they benefit the people of Dudley borough.



Discover more about our work with groups and volunteers

Championing outstanding voluntary groups across the borough through the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service

The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service (QAVS) is the highest award given to volunteer groups, being equivalent to the MBE, and recognises the exceptional work …read more

Working collaboratively with people to set up strong not-for-profits (Airtime, Deafscope Link CIC, Black Country Arts Council)

We’ve worked to establish 13 new not-for-profits and strengthen many others, whether they’ve been a user-led community group like Airtime, set up by and for …read more

Supporting new social enterprises and connecting them to opportunities (Deafscope Link CIC, Breathing Space Therapeutic Services CIC, MAN_AGE CIC, Bloom Creative Wellbeing CIC)

We supported people to explore and refine their ideas for new social enterprises and connected them to learning and development opportunities, as well as to …read more

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Our work with people

Not everyone feels that they are in a position to get more involved in their community without some support and encouragement. People can often have barriers, especially if their own physical and mental health or their day-to-day responsibilities present challenges to participation for them.

Discover more about our with people

Supporting carers to get the help they need to care for their loved ones

Our Carer Coordinator supported over 500 carers to get the support they need to cope with their caring responsibilities, identify options for care and access …read more

Listening to what matters to you and working with others to find solutions to problems

Healthwatch Dudley is here to listen to what people like about health and care services and what they think could be improved. What they hear …read more

Supporting people in crisis and those with complex needs through Integrated Plus’s new High Intensity User (HIU) service

Integrated Plus’s HIU service offers a robust way of reducing avoidable frequent user activity to 999, NHS 111, A&E, and hospital admissions, freeing up front …read more

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Our work with local doers, creatives and makers

We’ve brought together local doers, creatives and makers to nurture new creative spaces and experiences to help cultivate a more creative, kinder and connected town centre.

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Our mission is to connect and inspire people and organisations to achieve positive change, while championing their value to partners and the wider community.

Read more stories of our work last year

Building a vibrant community venue for the whole community

In March 2020 Dudley CVS took on ownership of the Brierley Hill Civic after a formal asset transfer from Dudley Council. The transfer secures the …read more

Activating Public Spaces on Dudley High Street

In Colab Dudley’s time spent listening to and creating with doers in and around Dudley town centre since 2017, Dudley High Street has been repeatedly …read more

Championing the voices of young people on health-related issues using innovative and creative approaches

In January 2019, Dudley Young Health Champions (DYHC) joined forces with Health Education England to pilot a youth programme as part of the national Citizenship …read more

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