Collectively strengthening the work and value of organisations that support vulnerable children and young people

In 2015 it was mooted that services for vulnerable young people aged 16–24 were about to be retendered. This meant that the 8 groups that individually held contracts with the local authority might not be chosen to deliver work in the future.

Dudley CVS was commissioned to undertake a review of existing services by those who use them and some young people who didn’t. We drafted a 15 week programme that involved young people in observations, mystery shopping, filming, interviewing etc. At the end of the 15 weeks the group shared their findings and recommendations with senior leaders and wider stakeholders.

Using this information, we worked with 8 organisations that individually held contracts with the local authority to form an Alliance in preparation for their individual contracts to be put out to tender. Through the Alliance, each organisation’s work was strengthened by:

  • Sharing data and intelligence
  • Maximising the support available to vulnerable children and young people
  • Not duplicating work, but making a collective offer of support

Through this process they developed a person centred pathway, collective menu of services and support and agreed an alliance approach to capturing and sharing data using PSIAMS.

The Alliance recently (April 2017) met with the new head of commissioning at Dudley Council, who was impressed with the presentation that the Alliance delivered. The head of commissioning reported that this approach was innovation at its best and working in a way that Dudley Council is hoping to work towards.

Dudley Council’s head of commissioning has committed to engaging regularly with the Alliance over the coming months with a view to agreeing a negotiated contract.


“Without Dudley CVS help, the Alliance would not have been formed. It has facilitated partnership working in Dudley”

Dudley Alliance members.

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