Encouraging groups to become independent and sustainable

Dudley CVS is renowned for the support it gives to voluntary groups, charities and social enterprises. The fact that Integrated Plus, Carers project and Healthwatch Dudley are all part of Dudley CVS enhances this support, because it means our teams can bring their different skills and experiences together in a way that benefits the sector and ultimately, the communities the sector supports.

The Making Waves Airtime project was developed by our Integrated Plus and Healthwatch Dudley teams. This was a fixed-term project that we continued to support after it was meant to end. We encouraged members to have a stake in how Airtime operated and Integrated Plus staff involved Dudley CVS group development colleagues to help members understand how Airtime could be run by them independently. Together they developed a simple constitution and elected the first committee to run the group democratically.

This means that thanks to Airtime members, Dudley now has a sustained peer support group for individuals with chronic lung conditions which helps to improve confidence and quality of life. We want to thank Airtime members for taking on the leadership of the group and contributing to the health and wellbeing of its members.

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