Helping people to feel less isolated and better equipped to cope with challenges

We build a network of support around individuals, ranging from practical help, financial support and community activities to help them to become more socially connected and resilient.

Diane was supported by Integrated Plus to link with a local allotment group to explore her interest in gardening and become more socially connected. Diane described the allotment as “an investment in my mental health”.

“I come here, look after my allotment, sit and listen to the grasshoppers, watch the squirrels and get lost in my own little bubble.”

Joan found herself trying to cope with a challenging family situation, she was left feeling isolated had “nobody to turn to about how she was feeling”. Joan was supported by Integrated Plus to link with a ‘Family and Friends’ group at the hospital, a get together for people to share their stories and support one another.

Joan now feels she will be able “to get through it a lot quicker and be a lot stronger” and for this, she thanked the Link Worker for giving her the support and “introducing her to places where she feels she has made new friends”.

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