Supporting carers to get the help they need to care for their loved ones

Our Carer Coordinator supported over 500 carers to get the support they need to cope with their caring responsibilities, identify options for care and access services.

During the year, our carer coordinator supported carers to cope with long term conditions, crisis management, end of life/ palliative care, dealing with grief and loss, personal wellbeing, reassurance and emotional support.


“Palliative Care Team are now developing clear pathways to ensure that Carers needs are assessed as part of each patient’s care delivery.

Having Sharon (Carer Coordinator) involved in a carer’s support journey means that in meeting their wider/broad support needs associated with being a carer, these patients are able to engage in therapy for complex psychological needs from a more stable platform. This increases the efficacy of psychological support.” Dr Heidi Napier, Consultant Clinical Psychologist


Connecting and collaborating with local voluntary sector organisations to develop an information hub for carers

Our Carer Coordinator collaborated with Whitehouse Cancer Support, Crossroads Dudley, Dudley MBC’s Carers Health and Wellbeing Service, Dementia Gateway, hospital staff and Age UK Dudley to develop a Carers Information Hub which will be positioned within Russell’s Hall hospital.

In preparation for the Hub, informative postcards were created collaboratively for each service, volunteers were recruited, and in February 2020, funding was secured for the Hub from Dudley CCG and Dudley MBC.



“Sharon (Carer Coordinator) has supported the patient experience team/the Trust with carers support including access to local groups, information and advice. She has provided links and networks in the local community. Sharon has provided the evidence, sourced funding and supported the development of the Carers Hub that is due to be implemented in the Trust.”

In November for Carers Rights Day, Healthwatch Dudley teamed up with our Carer Coordinator to visit hospital outpatient departments, clinics and therapy areas to deliver the Tea and Chat service. The team met over 100 people who were able to find out about local support services and talk about the impact of being a full-time carer.

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