Supporting people in crisis and those with complex needs through Integrated Plus’s new High Intensity User (HIU) service

Integrated Plus’s HIU service offers a robust way of reducing avoidable frequent user activity to 999, NHS 111, A&E, and hospital admissions, freeing up front line resources to focus on more clients and reduce costs. It uses a flexible and innovative non-clinical approach, targeting high users of services and supports the most vulnerable people within the community to flourish and find purpose in their lives.


12 months after receiving support, there was a 75% reduction in patients attending A&E and a 78% reduction in inpatient admissions.


West Midlands Ambulance callouts reduced by 66%. Altogether, a total cost saving of £776,733


5 voluntary sector organisations were commissioned through the Dudley Urgent Care Social Prescribing Voluntary Sector Fund to deliver new services for clients based on gaps in provision.

Creative Health CIC – Dudley Take Five, was commissioned to develop a group for service users to explore Five Steps to Wellbeing through drama, creative writing and visual arts.

HIU clients, facing different challenges in their lives, came together to share their stories through creative activities, and worked with artists to produce a sand animation film and booklet to help other people facing similar challenges.

“Working on the sand animation project was pure joy. We laughed, cried and shared some fascinating stories, all whilst reflecting on our health and wellbeing. Sometimes we forget as adults it’s perfectly fine to be creative and have fun.” Kim Fuller, Creative Health CIC

“I used to get really anxious about going out and meeting people. If you join a group you don’t know if you’ll fit in or if they’ll like you. The unknown frightens me. But then I came to this group and it’s all been good.” HIU client, Dudley Take Five group



The Arts of Change (The AoC) was commissioned to develop The Lilypad Counselling Project, a bespoke service for frequent attenders of A&E.

Feedback from clients has been outstanding. There are no waiting lists, they’re matched to therapists based on their interests, and the service wraps around the clients and the chaotic lifestyles that some of them may lead.


“I have been a qualified dramatherapist for 24 years and in that time I have never worked with such an interesting group of people who are deemed vulnerable, frequently visit their GPs, and who are at high risk of admission to hospitals.” Christian Dixon, Chief Executive Officer

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