Supporting people in crisis and those with complex needs through Integrated Plus’s new High Intensity User (HIU) service

Our HIU service offers a robust way of reducing avoidable frequent user activity to 999, NHS 111, A&E, and hospital admissions, freeing up front line resources to focus on more clients and reduce costs. It uses a flexible and innovative non-clinical approach, targeting high users of services and supports the most vulnerable people within the community to flourish and find purpose in their lives.


Our support to individuals all starts with a phone call and a meeting to give us a full understanding of their situation. On the first visit, we make it relaxed to allow them to tell their story. “It’s surprising how many people say after the visit it’s the first time they have been really listened to.” Integrated Plus Urgent Care Link Worker


We continue to work with a client for up to 6 months intensively, but within clear boundaries, aiming for the support to come to a gradual end when the client is no longer feeling in crisis and is better equipped to thrive, with a strong support network around them.


“This service, in my opinion, is vital to help people from utter despair, I cannot explain in words what this service has done for me. I was given a lifeline. My link worker from Integrated Plus is always at the end of the phone, caring and understanding, non-judgmental and listens to my every need in my recovery. My link worker takes me out for coffee and shopping, and has enabled me to laugh again and understand a future without pain. I look forward to her visits helping me to feel normal again”. HIU service user


Danielle and Kelly, Integrated Plus Urgent Care Link Workers, have been working on this service from its inception in 2018. Read their story  “It all starts with a phone call and a cuppa”





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