Working together to bring about positive change

Our children, young people and families team worked with early help enablers within Dudley Central Family Centre to listen to some of the emerging issues children, young people and families were facing in Dudley.

We brought together partners and residents to explore how we could collectively bring about positive change to improve the lives of the people who live in Dudley. Appreciative Inquiries took place with partners across all sectors to explore the top three issues that were affecting children, young people and families, but also to identify strengths in the area.

From this, we connected faith settings, youth groups, voluntary organisations, community groups, teachers, council staff, police and elected members to exchange knowledge and look at potential collaborations to collectively make a difference. Through collaborative working and shared learning, people identified the main issues as poverty and poor housing, keeping young people safe and ensuring they had things to do, and social isolation.

Through this collaboration, a webpage was set up to help people who work with children, young people and families with a list of local helpful places that will support families:


During 2019 – 2020 our children, young people and families team

hosted, facilitated or attended 588 meetings and events during 2019/20,

attended by 1697 individuals

who contributed 6708 hours of their time to improving the lives, life chances and opportunities for children, young people and their families across the borough

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